Bobby Blue The Balladeer is from Brooklyn, NY. He’s a big voiced, big dynamic personality, 4 octave countertenor singer that can sing higher than Roy Orbison, and Patsy Cline. He has an eclectic 4 piece all acoustic band that plays originals and covers in a fusion of romantic Classic Country, Rockabilly, Western Swing, and Latin Folk like Marty Robbins or Calexico. “Western Sounds of the Mid Century”, inspired by his Costa Rican and American heritages and by old Western & Mexican Cowboy movies of the 1940s & 50s. Fans say that You Will be entertained!” and that “They’re a breath of fresh air to the NYC music scene”. The band is all acoustic and includes a singer, acoustic guitar, upright bass, and hand drums.

“Bobby Blue is a natural entertainer” - New York Times

“Awesome! Shine Your Light” – Joe Henry, 3x Grammy Winner

“High Lonesome Orbisonesque Acoustic Americana” - New York Music Daily


Pumping Norteño bass scored my childhood soundtrack in the small motor town of Bedford, Indiana. An energetic culture-clash forged my home, sparked by contrasting parents: My factory-worker father, a good ole’ boy from the Indiana backwoods, was my hero. He had nothing in his childhood, but grew to give us everything. My mother came from a tiny village in the Costa Rican rainforest. A fantastic cook, she encouraged my spirit, music, dancing, and imagination. Once, we were coloring and I didn’t have a green crayon for the trees. “The trees can be any color you want,” she told me. That’s been my philosophy ever since.

Growing older, though, my imagination and independence could make for a hard time. My ever-changing, crazy hair and Madonna-wannabe ensembles were a bit much for Bedford. Bullied and picked on, a teacher once even threatened to beat out my sissiness with his fists, but the spirit of music kept me going. From age four, I sang, performed, and composed in school plays, recitals, choirs, and voice lessons: Glen Campbell at family parties. Bjork and Sinead O’Connor at my bedroom mirror. I prayed for Madonna to rescue me. She never showed. So I got the hell out of Bedford.

My mother loved Mexican music, and my father loved old country. Not until I started performing in New York City did I try experimenting with those old Ranchera and vintage Country songs I had grown up with. They matched my countertenor voice, often compared to Karen Carpenter, Patsy Cline, and St. Vincent. Audiences loved the Spanish classics combined with my original English songs at legendary venues such as The Knitting Factory, Ottos Shrunken Head, The Bell House, & Pete’s Candy Store.

When people ask me to describe my music or who I sound like I have to admit that I have been inspired by everything I’ve ever heard. I may say I’m inspired by Loretta Lynn or Pink Floyd, not necessarily by sound, but maybe I’m using their approach. I think Indie Pop would be a general title for my genre; though DJs have also created hi-energy dance mixes of my material. My first release, In A Song, went to #13 on Billboard’s Dance Club Play Chart, spending 15 weeks on the countdown. Follow-ups All the Stars, Go, If, and Pura Vida were also worldwide hits.