My second album, the acoustic-psychedelic Getting High, is a haunting break up album about addiction and resilience. I have have woven together influences of 1960s Country, and 1980s New Wave; Patsy Cline meets the 4AD record label (Cocteau Twins, His Name is Alive, This Mortal Coil, etc). The indie acoustic Power of Love and the ever­-yearning love song I Wanna Be an Alcoholic sets the tone of the album, while the psychedelic third track, Euphoria – made completely from vocals – sings about the glory of escape. Getting High, and Top of the World, a cover of The Carpenters classic, close the album with the beginnings of resilience and healing; using all the bad stuff to fuel my rise from the flames. My motto for the album was a quote by Loretta Lynn: “To write a song, all you need are 3 chords and a broken heart”. The bonus remix, ‘I Wanna Be An Alcoholic (Doc Delay Remix) {FT. Notar}’ is an vintage Country / Trip­Hop reconstruction, with guest raps by Notar and Doc Delay.